Geosteering: Part II – Data

The most important first Perhaps the single most important piece of data used during geosteering operations are the measured while drilling (MWD) surveys. Why? You need to know where your well is being drilled (i.e. within the lease boundaries).  You must also know if your well is hitting its targets.  To find out if it is […]

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Geosteering: Part I – Introduction

What is geosteering? Geosteering is the esoteric art of squiggly-line matching.  Ok, that may be an unfair summary, but for US-onshore horizontal wells, geosteering is the essence of proper well positioning. Really, what is it? For US-onshore horizontal wells, geosteering is the real-time correlation of real-time drilling data against offset well data.  Geosteering is done […]

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